Florida Crazies: Father Beaten And Shot To Death In Front Of Family After Getting Free Dog From Facebook

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Father Killed By Facebook User Offering His Family A Free Pet Puppy

A father in Jacksonville was beaten and shot dead in front of his fiancée and two young children after accepting an offer from a seemingly kind stranger.

According to ActionNewsJax, Christopher “Scott” Bowman and his soon-to-be wife Chelsea Bowman were divorced and were soon to remarry. Chelsea wanted a puppy, so they found a man on Facebook offering a pet for free.99.

The man insisted on coming to their house to deliver the doggy, and that’s when s#!t hit the fan.

“The dude takes his shoes off and he stays. And he doesn’t leave,” Chelsea Bowman said. “And it’s making everybody uncomfortable.”

Chelsea says they tried to drop hints that it was time for him to get his a$$ out, but he wasn’t going for it.

“He gets very, very volatile, very, very drunk,” Chelsea Bowman said. “My husband (Scott) goes to use the bathroom, and he waits for him. He comes out, and he grabs him and he starts beating him.

“I mean grabs him, slams him down. Scott was not winning this fight at all.”

After whooping Scott’s azz, the couple’s daughter saw the man put a gun to her daddy’s head, but Bowman was able to turn the gun away from his attacker and shoot the man in the arm.

As he tried to run away, the drunken house guest fired a shot into Scott’s chest and killed him dead.

All because they wanted a free dog.

Muthaf**kin’ Florida. SMFH.

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