Emergency Row: Delta Airlines Sued Over Needle Prick That Lead To HIV Test And “Explosive Diarrhea”

- By Bossip Staff

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Man Sues Delta After Being Stabbed By Needle In Front Seat Pocket

You know how you will sometimes reach into the seat pocket and grab a magazine while you’re on a plane waiting for take-off? Yeah, don’t do that anymore.

According to a TMZ report, in 2015, a man reached into the pocket on his Delta flight and was stabbed in the finger with a needle. The man said the needle was so deep into his finger that actually had to pull it out as “his life flashed in front of him”.

Gabriel Ybarra went to the hospital to undergo a series of tests to make sure he didn’t contract any diseases, especially HIV.

The tests and medicines he had to take caused him great pain and discomfort including headaches, body aches, dizziness and “explosive diarrhea”.

No telling how much he’s asking Delta for, but if our butt was “exploding” we’d want lots of MMMMMM’s

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