Pervy Po-Po: Sheriff Suspended After Strolling And Stroking His Eggplant In Public Park 

- By Bossip Staff

Pervs: Freaky Georgia Sheriff Suspended For Publicly Fondling His Junk

Georgia Governor, Nathan Deal, just suspended a DeKalb county Sheriff after he went on a lewd stroking-spree at a public park according to USA Today.

Reports say that Sheriff Jeffrey Mann was arrested by an Atlanta cop after he was seen fondling his self ‘through his pants’, while walking Atlanta’s Piedmont Park at night. The arresting officer reported that the area of the park where Sheriff Mann was approached him, is know for “sexual activity after dark.” The off-duty Sheriff was actually caught while trying to arouse the on duty police officer–unknowingly.

The freaky Sheriff, with hand on his junk, began to walk towards the officer, exposing his private parts. That’s when he began moving his hands in “inappropriate motions” and the officer reportedly shined his light to reveal his authority. The dirty sheriff was popped, with his pants down. Yikes.

The governor had appointed a committee to investigate the charges against Mann. He’s now being suspended for 40 days for his lewd behavior.



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