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Investigation Shows Russia Hacked 39 States’ Election Databases During Campaign

As much as Trump bootlickers want to deny, lie and sweep things under the rug for him, this is still real life and facts still matter.

According to Bloomberg, Trump’s Russian posse hacked into voter databases and software systems in 39 states to affect the election in favor of the cheeto-in-chief.

Hillary Clinton is undoubtedly drinking wine, through a straw, straight from the bottle upon getting this news.

It is also reported that the Obama administration KNEW of this tampering and contacted the Kremlin to check them and let it be known that America wouldn’t be afraid to clap back if they didn’t knock it the f**k off.

This revelation will likely only embolden investigators to dig deeper as they search for evidence that small-handed Donny and band of nefarious cohorts colluded with our red enemies to put him in the White House.

Last week, fired former FBI director James Comey told the Senate Intelligence Committee that Russia is just getting started with their methodical attack on the U.S.

“They’re coming after America,” Comey told the Senate Intelligence Committee investigating Russian interference in the election. “They will be back.”

On some Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator s#it.

Obviously the Ruskis are denying any involvement, but who the hell can believe anything they say about…anything?

Doesn’t this information mean our election was a fraud? Can’t we get a do-over? SOMETHING?? ANYTHING?!?!



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