SMH: Baltimore Thugs Gun Down Mother In Front Of Her Kids After She Called Cops About Bike Thieves

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Masked Men Gun Down Mother For Calling Police On Bike Thieves

Charmaine Wilson, 37, called the police twice Monday according to Fox Baltimore. First after kids tried to take her son’s bike and then again after a group of kids tried to assault and bully her other son. Charmaine’s sister said it wasn’t more than ‘seven minutes’ after police had left, that two masked men came out from the side with masks on and murdered the mother in front of her children.

She said they walked up and shot her sister two times. She died on the scene.

A witness from the neighborhood says they area is always under gun fire, with 6 people shot in just 24 hours this week. The unidentified witness says that the area thugs will shoot and kill anyone who ‘snitch’ and that what probably happened in Wilson’s case. The mother had 8 kids total, with 6 of them being under 18.

Jesus Take The Wheel. 

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