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James Pray for TV One

Tommie Lee Speaks On #LHHATL Quitting Rumor

Tommie Lee is responding to rumors that she’s all the way done with “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.”

As previously reported the Lè Don wine creator told fans on Instagram Live that Mona Scott Young’s show is tearing her family apart and she’s had ENOUGH.

“Sorry baby, I will not be doing this s*** anymore just because me, I’m so motherf**** great that I will never give a motherf**** opportunity to say they did anything for me,” said Tommie. “And I will never tear my family apart. So I bow out gracefully, I’m good. I did that.”

Now, however, it looks like she could be having a change of heart.

Tommie recently chatted with The AJC and told them that she might have gotten ahead of herself considering that she enjoys the stability #LHHATl gives her and her two kids.

“I’m really up in the air,” she said this past Tuesday. “We’re discussing it.” In fact, nobody has to make a firm commitment on either side, she said, until September.

She has found stability for her and her two daughters Havalli (10) and Samaria (13). She is living in a place that she can decorate because she feels like she can. So she clearly has an incentive to stay on the show if VH1 still wants her.

James Pray for TV One

“I used to barely have enough money to pay the bills,” Tommie said. “I’d steal and sell stuff. I now feel so blessed beyond measure.”

“I love television,” she added. “I love being able to show my life and getting paid for me being me.” The downside is the mirror image of the upside: “Everyone knows your business. And they can be very judgmental.”

She also told the publication that she still has concerns about the effect of reality TV cameras on her mother Samantha.

“That part bothers me,” she said. “She’s not as strong as me. I don’t want my mom to go through what I’m going through. It’s a natural mechanism to be defensive of your parents as well as their children. I don’t want to see her hurt.”

Bottom line: “It’s ratings for them. It’s real to me.”

So it sounds like if Tommie does stay, and she more than likely will, she won’t be shooting with her mother anymore.

Your move Joseline.

Did YOU think Tommie was quitting #LHHATL???



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