No Respect: Dead Passenger’s Half-Naked Body Dragged Down Aisle On American Airlines Flight

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Dead Passenger Aboard American Flight Dragged Down Aisle In Her Underwear

Despite the fact that we’ve spent the past few years screaming #BlackLivesMatter, America is consistent in their effort to prove us wrong.

According to StarTribune, 48-year-old American Airlines passenger Theresa Hines died mid-flight in the plane’s bathroom.

As if Ms. Hines’ sudden death wasn’t disturbing enough, a witnessing passenger says that when the EMTs came to remove Hines’ body, they left her bottom half exposed and dragged her down the aisle face up.

One passenger is desperately lying to cover for the out-of-pocket EMT:

“She was not half-naked,” said passenger Dave Sampsell in an e-mail. “Her pants were unfastened, but I saw nothing that any of the airline or EMT staff did inappropriately.”

Maybe this guy is the EMT’s cousin or something, because several other passengers say Hines was absolutely exposed:

“That’s baloney,” said passenger Art Endress. He said he was seated not far from the bathroom when an emergency medical technician (EMT) boarded with other responders, stood behind her head and “dragged her down the aisle.”

“The EMT was out of line,” said Endress, 63, a research engineer at Southern Methodist University.

“The flight attendants could have thrown a blanket on her” as she went past some of the 150 or so seated passengers, Endress added.

Even in death, how embarrassing and disrespectful. SMH.

R.I.P. Theresa Hines.

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