Rudy’s Reasons: Keshia Knight Pulliam Explains Why She Showed Support For The Cos In Court

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Bill Cosby is seen arriving at Federal Court  in Pennsylvania accompanied buy Keshia Knight Pulliam who played Cosby daughter on the Cosby sHOW TO Support him  were he is been accused of raping woman, more than 40 women have publicly accused Cosby of raping or assaulting them over the pas 40 years. The Comedian has vehemently denied wrongdoing. <P> Pictured: Bill Cosby, Keshia Knight Pulliam  Picture by: Elder Ordonez / Splash News
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Keshia Knight Pulliam Addresses Criticism Over Her Cosby Court Appearance

Keshia Knight Pulliam is speaking up about her decision to support Bill Cosby during his current sexual assault trial.

The actress posted these photos of herself and her TV dad on Instagram. She took things a step further though. Friday Keshia’s “In The Eye Of The Storm” episode of her “Kandidly Keshia” podcast addressed the controversy:

“I don’t read the blogs, the articles, the negative comments, I’m clear that everyone always has something to say and everyone always has an opinion and feels their opinion should matter to you,” Keshia said, before continue. ” I feel with social media that it’s gotten even crazier.”

Keshia went a step further, noting how people can be really mean, before offering her explanation for joining Cosby in court,

“Yes I have supported Mr. Cosby, because I’ve said from day one that you’re innocent until proven guilty and what he’s been accused of are just not the interactions that I’ve ever had with him, so it’s up to the jury to make a decision.”

Keshia also read the following written statement, which she previously delivered to the press when she left the courtroom:

It’s easy to support someone when things are good. The true measure of family, friendship, and loyalty is how you show up during times of adversity. As a woman, mother, Spelman College graduate, and champion of empowering girls through my non-profit, the Kamp Kizzy foundation, I in no way condone or support sexual assault. At the same time, I believe and I know that you are innocent until proven guilty. This is one of our fundamental rights under our Constitution. There is a difference between opinions and facts. The man that the world picture that the world has painted Mr. Cosby to be is simply not the man that I know or have ever experienced. I am showing up in the manner I would hope my loved ones would show up for me if the shoe was on the other foot. Mr. Cosby is still a person, a father, a son, a husband. This is a horrible situation for all parties. Now it is up to the jury to decide. I trust that the jury will make the right decision after hearing, reviewing and deliberating the evidence.

What do you think about what Keshia had to say? The podcast was pretty enlightening. It sounds like the commenters on IG must’ve really been giving her hell. Keshia also addressed people who said she’d joined Cosby to get attention and gain relevance saying, “Why would I want my name associated with this?” She had an answer for people who brought up her appearance on “The Apprentice” where she didn’t call Bill Cosby to raise funds because she hadn’t spoken for years, saying that despite the lapse in communication her TV family would always have a special place in her heart. She further explained that after that episode had aired she and Cosby did reconnect and discuss the incident. Perhaps most heartening was Knight Pulliam’s revelation that Cosby was one of the first to reach out to her after her husband filed for divorce during her pregnancy.

That’s big of Bill right?

Keshia also made an appearance on the “Today” show Wednesday morning, mostly reiterating the comments from her statement.

Keshia’s main message was one of empathy, she called on the public to recognize Bill Cosby as a person, one who is aging, blind and deserving of his right to innocence until being proven guilty.

Do you think Keshia is doing the right thing? What would you do if someone close to you were accused of a heinous crime like rape?

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