Bachelor In Paradise: Cast Mate Says Corinne Olympios Was “Very With It” While Getting Neck From DeMario Jackson

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Cast Mate Says Corinne Olympios Seemed Coherent During Demario Jackson Hook-Up

The drama surrounding the Bachelor In Paradise drunken sexual assault allegations continue to unfold.

According to TMZ, a cast mate is now coming forward to say she bore witness to Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson freaky hook-up in the pool. Let her tell it, she even spoke to Corinne as she walked past the pool and didn’t see any sign of incoherence.

The unidentified female cast mate said she would have tried to stop the pool sex if she thought Corinne wasn’t in her right frame of mind. Cameras were rolling during this encounter so the whole thing is documented.

Corinne’s lawyer, Marty Singer had this to say:

“If nothing inappropriate happened, why did production get shut down? Something serious clearly happened.”

Obviously, whether something actually happened or not, an allegation of sexual assault will PROBABLY shut down production. Just a guess.

This same cast member also said she heard Corinne and DeMario talking the day after the hook-up and Corinne was upset that she cheated on her boyfriend, but never said anything about the tryst being nonconsensual.

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