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The Truth About Sza’s Sneaky Side Chick Anthem “The Weekend”

I’ve been listening to SZA’s CTRL album and I will say I’m impressed with the lyrics. I know, I know. She’s singing about being a sneaky side piece but, that’s my extremely personal opinion because I wish her songs ‘Love Galore’ and ‘The Weekend’ came sooner.

I wish I had those lyrics on repeat before I ever thought about approaching a side chick. I’m not afraid to say I’ve done that in my lifetime and wish now that I had stopped myself. Let me explain how cognitive dissonance took me on a ride.

She was someone an estranged partner was seeing behind my back. I had expected he submit all of his “hoe fax” after we took a mysterious (super shady) break to “figure stuff out”. That made us besties, right? But trust and disclosure were not in the stars for us. Because we were not in a healthy relationship. Just like love is a verb, so is commitment…because both have to be committed.

For the sake of my superficial position of “being there first”, I began to feel like I had to confront them. I first approached him, but he just lied about it all, so I closed in on HER. She listened and for the sake of my sanity, I have little recollection on the details of that embarrassing phone call. But, guess what I remembered after listening to “The Weekend” lyrics by SZA?

The “Weekend” chick does not give a flying FAWK about a “Main” chick.

I can place a bet that she had OTHER, better isht to do like work to pay bills, play in her hair, read a book, catch up with laundry, etc. Mad other stuff beside drill someone she’s not serious with about who else they’re dating. So whatever I said in that “woman to woman” conversation probably slid through one hole and out the other.

She probably already suspected something was fishy about him because people have a hard time hiding their ain’t sh*t-ness. I was barely getting looked at in the eyes when the subject was brought up about ‘us’, so it’s reasonable to suspect similarly, she was getting excuses, or she flat-out knew he was playing both sides.

I was dense in that situation. I’m not saying it’s cute to be a side piece either, but realizing it was better to remove myself from the equation.

In a recent interview with Vulture Magazine, Solana (Sza’s government) explains it eloquently.

I feel like men kind of do this thing where they don’t wanna tell anyone about [who they’re with], because they don’t want to lose the opportunity to potentially call you if they needed to. Not saying that they would, but they need the option. So in that song, I’m opting in. Like, I know you have a bunch of girls, probably. Maybe you’re not being honest with me — I just know that you have mad girls — and I still don’t care, because I didn’t want to be your girlfriend anyway! I’m not internalizing the way that you’re acting as a disrespect towards me, it doesn’t make me any less because you’re not my boyfriend

No matter how uncomfortable “The Weekend” lyrics makes women like me feel, Sza reminds us that humans are going to human. That’s all the replay value I think I needed. Anyone else with me?


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