Bachelor In Paradise Co-Star Says Corrine Olympios Forced Herself On Castmates

Bachelor In Paradise Co-Star Says Corinne Olympios Was The One Acting Like A Sexual Predator On Set

- By Bossip Staff

Bachelor In Paradise Co-Star Says Corrine Olympios Forced Herself On Castmates

Bachelor in Paradise co-contestant Jasmine Goode is calling BS on Corinne Olympios’ victim claims against DeMario Jackson. She claims that she witnessed Corinne throughout the evening and even though she was clearly hammered, she had all her faculties and was in decent spirits after her encounter with Demario. In fact, Jasmine says DeMario wasn’t even the first guy Corinne had aggressively tried to get it popping with THAT NIGHT.

Jasmine claims that the men Corinne came after were the ones who were in a poor position to consent. As she told E!News:

“The day of the incident under investigation, Corinne did not display any change in behavior from what was observed by the cast on her season of The Bachelor. Corinne forced herself on three male cast members when they were unable to consent, in addition to engaging with DeMario. After the incident, everything seemed fine. There was no mention about being hurt. However, when producers tried to cut her off from drinking, she got upset and said, ‘Watch, watch what I’m gonna do.'”

Yikes. And as for Corinne’s attempt to blame production for her getting black out drunk and shoving her genitalia in other cast members’ faces…Jasmine says that even though booze is readily available, NO ONE is on-set force feeding the cast alcohol or egging them on to get frisky for the cameras.

“The cast is not encouraged or forced to engage in any behaviors or to drink alcohol. Producers check in to make sure the cast is comfortable and accommodate to the needs requested.”

This one is just getting messier and messier. You would think with cameras rolling the whole time, the story here would be much clearer…




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