“Power’s” Joseph Sikora: This Is Not A ‘Hood’ Show!

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“Power” Season Four Returns June 25 On Starz!

“Power’s” Joseph Sikora said he’s tired of people labeling his hit show “hood.”

Sikora, who plays troubled Tommy Egan on the Starz! show said “Power” isn’t “hood” at all. Viewers are able to connect and identify with all of the characters, he said, and just because the show h a predominantly minority cast doesn’t mean a thing.

“I think the industry has tried to subject the show to being a black show or a hood show and I think that the fans, and the world – now that it’s in 170 countries – have really said, ‘we see ourselves and our society in this show,’” Sikora told BOSSIP recently. “To me, that’s a transcendent show that can’t be categorized like that anymore.”

And the proof may be in the pudding: “Power” averages some eight million viewers, and it’s the most watched show on premium TV after HBO’s “Game of Thrones.”

“This is a very elevated, dramatic series with a lot of moving parts with all intelligent people, with different realms of intelligence,” he said. “I think that one of the problems there…is that’s now we’re programmed to think about things often times. ‘Oh, it’s predominantly cast of people of color, its hood.’ This is, I think, a reality in America on many different levels, of people trying their best, through a lot of different capacities, to get out of their current struggle.”

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