Bodyguard Of White Supremacist Stabbed 9 Times At Pro-Cheeto Rally Doesn’t Have Health Insurance

- By Bossip Staff

Trump Supporter Stabbed, Has No Health Insurance

A bodyguard for notorious “white nationalist” Tim “@BakedAlaska” Gionet was stabbed nine times by two assailants following a pro-Trump rally on Tuesday. Antonio Foreman was assaulted by the men following a heated argument after the rally.

Police believe the stabbing came specifically because of the argument, not because either of the men felt any type of way about Trump or white supremacy.

Either way, RawStory reports that even though Foreman is a professional bodyguard by trade, he’s one of the millions of uninsured folks that Trump is unconcerned about. We’re pretty sure getting stabbed a bunch of times because you want to argue with strangers in the street falls under the “pre-existing condition” category, so Foreman is on his own with the medical bills.

Naturally, even though cops have ruled hate crime out as a reason for the attack, Tim Gionet has started a GoFundMe page for Foreman’s bills, claiming that he was stabbed “for being white in Los Angeles.” Mind you, his assailants were white as well…



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