Mel B Is NOT Here For Stephen Bella-Faux-Te’s Demand For $18k A Month To Fund His Shopping And Dining Habits…

- By Bossip Staff

Mel B Shoots Down Stephen Belafonte’s Request For Spousal Support

As you know, the divorce between Melanie Brown and her allegedly abusive, booty-chasing hubby Stephen Belafonte has been BEYOND ugly for a minute.

As such, it’s no shock that Mel is ready to wash her hands of the situation…but what she won’t do, is keep Stephen living high on the hog after all she alleges he’s put her through.

According to TMZ, Stephen filed court docs seeking “emergency spousal support,” claiming that he’s living hand to mouth now that he’s no longer in the house with Mel. He says he can’t get by just working at the restaurant the couple owns.

But Mel has shot down just about every request for cash he’s made. For one, he wants $4,300 per month for food and groceries. Mel has pointed out through her lawyers that that comes to about $140 per day — a week’s worth of food family of four. He also says he needs about S$2,000 a month for clothes. However, since he took every thread from his side of the closet when he bounced, Mel isn’t seeing how that’s necessary at all. And as for the $11,000 per month he says he needs for housing…Mel says he’s crashing at a friend’s place, so no sir. Finally, the $750 that he says he needs for his cell bill. Mel says that is just plain “exorbitant” for a single phone line. Who’s he calling??

It does seem like QUITE a bit of cash for one man to need for personal upkeep. It seems like common sense that Mel should win this one…but as we’ve seen before, you never know.


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