Bae Of The Day: Al Sharpton Is Still Getting These Selfies Off For Your MeeMaw To Start Choosing

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Hide Your Granny From Al Sharpton

Al Sharpton has been in the news for his Father’s Day selfie but you bishes bout to find out that Reverend Al been about this selfie life and getting these looks off. And when TMZ asked him about it, he checked y’all:

“I live in the Trump era. If he can tweet at night, I can selfie before I go to the gym in the morning and don’t be jealous because I’m so fit at 62 years old.”
“I work out. I was showing people you work out, you take your health seriously. I think it’s a good thing. I’m gonna keep doing it.”

So there…Al Sharpton is getting these angles and these fits and these perms off and you’re going to have to deal. So take a look at him posing, reactions and memes to see how Al is killing the game.

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