Chilli Says She’s Not At All Surprised By L.A. Reid’s Pervy Epic Antics

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Chilli Says She Wasn’t Surprised By L.A. Reid Harassment

The creepy sexual shenanigans that got L.A. kicked out of Epic’s top offices didn’t come as too big a surprise to Chilli, who herself had been rumored to have carried on with the record honcho quite a bit back in the TLC days, when he was married to Pebbles.

While sitting down with Billboard Magazine to talk about their crowdfunded comeback, T-Boz and Chilli touched on the topic of randy-azz Reid’s Epic label woes…and didn’t seem at all shocked that things went down that way.

Watkins and Thomas have seen the best and the worst of the music industry, and while they’re not bitter, they’re honest in a way that some of today’s big stars, who thrive on an air of opaque mystery, perhaps cannot be. There is, for one, their reaction to Reid’s exit from Epic amid sexual harassment allegations. “I hear more people are coming out saying stuff,” says Watkins, as Thomas buries her face in her hands. “I was surprised he was fired, but [the accusations] didn’t come as a surprise. I don’t wish him anything ill. But surprised? No.”

SMH. Well if anyone would know the deal with L.A., it’s these ladies. The ladies also addressed how much their past songs like “Unpretty” and “Perfect Girls” empowered young girls to love what they are born with…and their hope that they can speak to a new generation now that social media has changed the tides:

“You can never say it enough,” says Watkins. “Today, it seems like being a ho is winning, because hoes are winning.” “Yeah, they’re winning,” agrees Thomas. Watkins continues: “All the Instagram models, I’m like, ‘Wow, that girl doesn’t really look anything like that.’ These little girls are chasing something they’ll never achieve.” But it’s less that she’s judgmental, and more that she’s pragmatic about their futures. “Whatever your hustle is, go somewhere with it,” she adds. “If you going to be a ho, be a good ho.”

Will you be copping the new TLC album on the 30th?


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