Time To Go To Jail? Cops Closer To Charging “Serial Abuser” Nick Gordon For Bobbi Kristina’s Death

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Nick Gordon’s Exes’ Testimony Could Lead To Charges For Bobbi Kristina’s Death

If Nick Gordon thought he was just gonna skip into the sunset after Bobbi Kristina’s shady death, he’s got another think coming…

According to DailyMail, investigators are becoming “increasingly confident” that they will be able to bring charges against Bobbi Kris’ ex now that several of his ex-girlfriends have agreed to testify that he is a domestic abuser.

If you remember, a couple weeks ago we reported that Nick Gordon was arrested for the false imprisonment of his girlfriend Laura Leal at his mom’s Florida home and physically assaulting her “until she saw stars”.

Subsequently, another of Nick’s exes came forward to tell police that she too was abused by Nick in a similar fashion.

Atlanta-area cops believe that these testimonies will give them a significant boost in their case by showing that Nick is indeed that he is a serial abuser.

‘Bobbi Kristina may no longer have a voice but these other women do,’ a source with knowledge of the inquiry told DailyMail.com.

‘They can tell a court exactly how he manipulated and bullied them. Their testimony could be the game-changer.’

Leal says that Nick became extremely jealous and began to punch her in the head repeatedly and preventing her from leaving the house.

‘I’ve been reading the reports about Bobbi Kristina and I’m physically shaking,’ she said.

‘I read about her being isolated, her family not knowing where she was, the manipulation, the bullying – it’s the exact same thing.’

Nick better find some money for a REAL good defense attorney, sounds like the fuzz wants him in an orange jumpsuit ASAP.

R.I.P. Bobbi Kristina

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