Race Matters: White NYPD Cop Faces Retaliation Because He Refused To Bully Black Officer

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White NYPD Cop Says He’s Punished For Not Bullying Black Officer

A NYDailyNews story is detailing the retaliation that a white NYPD officer has been dealing with as a result of his refusal to bully a Black officer, Dana Harge.

Sgt.Valentin Khazin has filed a federal lawsuit against his department claiming that he’s being punished by having his overtime pay stripped, but also being saddled with extra work and holiday work that keeps him from spending time with his family.

Harge was doing his job, said Khazin, who is white. And when the sergeant brought it up that he felt superiors had it out for Harge because of his discrimination complaints, Khazin said he “signed my own death warrant.”

This past Father’s Day, the 32-year-old father of a 1- and 1-year-old, said he was kept on duty almost 24 hours because there allegedly weren’t others to help out.

In addition to the racial retaliation, Khazin says that this superiors ordered him to give another Black officer a low performance grade because she too had filed a discrimination complaint against another officer.

Sounds like par for the course for the shady azz NYPD. They might as well be the KKK with blue hoods.

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