Not Nice: Kim Kardashian Shades Black Beauty Blogger For Honest Review On KKW Beauty Line?

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Kim Kardashian Shuts Out Jackie Aina?

Beautiful brown beauty blogger Jackie Aina gave her honest review on Kim Kardashian’s KKW beauty line by request of her fans and Kimmy Cakes tried to erase her from her social media tags? That’s what it seems like.

Kim posted up photos of a hand selected group of beauty bloggers from her launch event, tagging everyone but Jackie, who eagerly posted a review of the products the very next day after they launched. In the review, Jackie liked the packaging and most things about KK’s beauty line, but pointed out how they could improve. She was generally nice about it. Really Kim?? So much shade over this honest clip? Take a look.

Do you think Jackie was trying to be mean about KKW beauty? We didn’t.

Here is the post where Kim tags everyone EXCEPT Jackie after her review.

Users are going ham in her comments over her not including Jackie’s tag. Is she being shady?


krystle_diamond says: As a makeup company you shouldn’t get mad when someone critiques your product. I find it very petty you didn’t tag Jackie Aina.

justalittleglow also chimed in with: Messed up part is, she can’t tag Jackie now. Once you create a post like this, with multiple photos, you can’t go back & tag them. So she never tagged her from the beginning!

There are hundreds of similar comments and Kim has yet to tag or address anyone who finds it odd. Jackie has yet to comment on the issue herself. She posted the following video after the event and turned off the comments. Hit the next page.

#KKWbeauty ❤️

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