In White Folks News: Charlie Sheen’s Ex Sues Him For Talking Her Out Of Taking HIV Medicine

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Charlie Sheen Sued For Exposing Ex-Girlfriend To HIV

The days of Charlie Sheen “winning” are LONG gone. These days all he has is L’s. Lots of ’em.

PageSix is now reporting that another of Sheen’s exes is suing him for exposing her to HIV and talking her out of taking the required medicines.

The woman is not identified in the lawsuit, and neither is Charlie, however, the suit says that the male defendant was said to have learned of his HIV status in 2011, the same year Sheen admitted he was made aware in his TV interviews.

The lawsuit states that Sheen and the woman began having sex in 2015, at which time she asked if he had any STDs. Charlie replied that he was “fine”. Sike.

After having unprotected sex with the woman, ain’t isht Charlie told her that he did indeed have HIV and gave her two pills to fight off transmission. Here’s when it got crazy:

A few days later, she and Sheen argued about the exposure, according to the suit. He blamed her for the exposure and told her he was “noble” for telling her about his HIV status at all. He also said he had not previously disclosed his HIV status because it was “none of [her] f—ing business.” He also told her that the drugs she had been prescribed were unnecessary, and told her not to believe “the convenient rumors of the medical community.”

The suit also alleges that Charlie frequently used the n-word in describing himself as “the dumbest f**king ni**er in the room” and also describing the women he had slept with as “f**king ni**gers”.

We know people will say and do anything in lawsuits if they think there is some money to be won, but Charlie isn’t exactly a paragon of virtue who WOULDN’T say these things.

Guess the courts will have to sort it all out.

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