Florida Crazies: Disheveled Becky Arrested For Deserting Infant With Random Couple “I Can’t Do It”

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Florida Mother Arrested For Abandoning 2-Year-Old Son At Local Restaurant

Wow. The depravity of the state of Florida never ceases to amaze or disgust us…

According to TCPalm, a meth-y lookin’ Vero Beach “mom” has been arrested for deserting her 2-year-old outside of a Kounty Kitchen restaurant.

Not only did she abandon the boy, she actually walked up to a couple who was leaving the restaurant, told them she “found” the baby, handed them the child and said “I can’t do it”.

When the couple did not take the boy, Amber Warner put the barefoot baby on the ground, get in her truck and drove off.

Police located the truck and questioned Warner about the baby, she then began to cry and say how much she loves her son. Not sure what type of high this broad was on, but according to the report, she was so zooted that the local jail didn’t even want to take her in.

Florida, ladies and gentlemen…SMFH.

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