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Investigation Launched Into Strippers At South African Prison

Looks like the corrections system is a LOT different overseas.

For one, it seems they get the occasional perks…like shake-dancers on the yard, for instance.

Photos have gone viral depicting several prisoners in a South African prison getting booty butt cheeks rubbed all over them while having recess. Thing is, the correctional facility in question apparently holds some of the worst offenders and most hardened criminals in South Africa.

James Smalberger, the national commissioner of the Department of Correctional Services, admitted that the inmates do indeed get a celebration around this time of year…but professional booty-clappers were NOT a part of the agreement. Via CNN:

“The pictures taken were of an event hosted in line with June Youth Month celebrations on the 21st of June, but the form of entertainment as depicted on social media was not approved and not in line with Correctional Services policies and procedures.”

He assured that a full investigation was underway to figure out just whose bright idea it was to let the ladies deal dances on the prison yard.

Wow, this prison is lax. Not only do they get dances, but clear enough cameras to document it and social media access to spread the news…

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