Getcho Azz Out: Racist Police Chief Who Called Miss Black Texas “Black B**ch” Resigns From Force

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Police Chief Who Called Miss Black Texas “Black B***h” Resigns

The piece of s#!t police chief in Texas, Kerry Crews, who called Miss Black Texas 2016, Carmen Ponder, a “black b!t¢#” before slapping handcuffs on her, has resigned from his position in the police department according to Fox4News.

The cowardly cop quit his job during a city council meeting that he didn’t even attend. Instead, he had the mayor of Commerce read some bulls#!t azz statement:

“It was my understanding that officers had been called, but I felt that it was something that I could handle. I was wrong,” he wrote. “As a result of being off-duty I was unprepared for the response I received from Ms. Ponder, and I became emotional.”

Crews said stress and the burden of the job since the controversial arrest and over the past several years caused him to resign.

“I do not feel that I can continue to bear the weight of the police chief position,” he said.

Sadly, after all that, Crews will still keep a job, a newly created one just for him, assistant to the city manager.

So basically, nothing is going to happen to his guy AND he gets to keep a salary paid by the taxpayers, a percentage of whom are Black.

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