Posterchild For Teen Motherhood

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Solange speaks on being a teen parent and offers advice for other teen parents such as Jamie Lynn Spears:

Knowles, now 21, welcomed son Daniel in 2004 at the age of 18 (she split with husband, former football player Daniel Smith, after the baby was born).

“I’m sure a lot of people perceived that I was gonna be a young, irresponsible mom. I think that there are some moms who are 35 who are just as irresponsible. You just have to make the best decisions for you. You have to decide what’s best for you. Who are we to say what’s right and wrong for a person?”

To focus on raising her son, Knowles said she “moved to the country for a year” without any nannies or babysitters. “My parents lived on a whole opposite part of the world. My son has been my focus ever since the day he was born. He’s been the light of my life, the inspiration behind everything.”

Good for her.


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    didnt yall already post this months ago…what is this a remix??


    something is leading me to believe that solange wasnt getting the love that her bigger sister was receiving…

  • He's Presidential

    awww her son is gonna b a heartbreaker

  • bree

    @ Ms. NYTX..of course not her parents were busy with Beyonce..look at Ashley Simpson & Jaimie Lynn Spears, they were all cursed with older sisters & neglectful parents

  • Lauren

    LOL Remix….!! I agree with MS.NYTX….She was probably trying to compensate for that love my having a child to love her….

  • Lauren

    That boy needs some sunlight STAT!!









  • Whatever

    Good for her. But what about the other teenage mothers that can’t MOVE TO THE COUNTRY and know they have stacks on deck to pay the bills. That should be her main focus, she didn’t really have a career, what else would she be doing. (Well she could have been a Brittney Spears, but I digress)..what about the teenage mothers, who have no father involved..go to school, work, and take care of their child. They really deserve praise for taking responsiblity. In a world where were I think,”It is so easy to take the easy way out.”


    @ bree

    im so later on the other side of the news…ashley simpson gotta kid too?


    i mean late

  • rusty eagle

    WHATEVER, thank you for saying that. When you got stacks like the Knowles family it’s easier than a mfr to say all that. she has been pushed on the public and got acting jobs and singing opps that a proverbial Fantasia type did not get. Rich people need to realize that they can’t advise people who have nothing. At least not without some thought.

  • Southern Belle 225

    @Lauren…isn’t he the palest little thing ever! He’s a cutie though. I want to bite him! 🙂

  • Melissa

    …Did u say still wet behind the ears?

  • beautiful b

    im sorry but in 08 young moms are nothing NEW. hell it wasnt new in 1978. good job solo, age aside if u birth it take care of it.

  • Southern Belle 225

    @rusty eagle…I cosign with that! When you have money to start off with, it makes certain situations a little easier than it would be for a regular person. But for the little bit we have seen of her and her son, she seems to be a good little mom.

  • beautiful b

    i did hear about ashley simpson being preg…thats gonna be weird loooking kid.

  • bree

    @ Ms. NYTX

    it hasn’t been confirmed..she’s engaged to Pete Wentz and People reported she was engaged because she is it’s a watch and see kind of thing

  • Harlem Chic

    Solange Knowles is not the average teenage black mom. Cause the average teenage black parent is young, dum, and full of come, a high school dropout and is still a child herself. Plus said chic usually is draiining the system through welfare, WIC, foodstamps, and Section 8. I wouldn’t advise anyone to have a baby in their teen years cause you don’t even know yourself.

    Solange’s family is rich and that makes a world of a difference when it comes to being able to provide for your child. It amazes me how out of touch people with money can be. Does Solange even know that Brenda is still having a baby and stuffing him in the garbage can?

    Age ain’t nothing but a number; but bank account funds are real numbers.

  • soulwoman

    Way to go Solange encouraging teen pregnancy. They should have her go around to schools and speak to the kids on how easy it is to raise a child, have a 9-5, while trying to maintain decent grades in school. I wish she would shut up because she always sounds like an airhead. Did she even finish school? She kills me acting like she didn’t get any help from her parents, financially and physically, raising the child and it was just her solo. She was on the road with Beyonce dragging that baby around the world. We she the pictures of you out with your nanny, Solange, so stop lying.

  • outtapocket

    lies, lies, it’s all lies!

  • Nita

    Daniel Smith is not the biological father of that child.

  • ms meca

    that boy is so bright… he cute but whats up wit his hair


    Her kid is devoid of color, ewwwwww.

  • Nanny

    I wonder did they do a DNA test on this baby, Because he looks NOTHING like Daniel Smith.

  • joy

    some young teen mom…end up getting off welfare and become independent mother.

    I think people fail to realize the welfare was created because women in the 50 and 60 couldn’t get the father of there kids to help with the bills.

    I find it funny that people expect women to be stay at home wives and depend on a man..but when that man disappears and they go on welfare..oh they are horrible people.


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