Fashion Show Shoot-Out

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Shots were fired, and one man injured at a hip-hop fashion show in ATL.:

“The shooting happened during a ‘Hot on the Runway’ fashion show, sponsored by popular Hip-Hop station Hot 107.9. Celebrities like Mario, Ashanti, Young Berg, Ray J, Lil Scrappy, Diamond had performed or were present during the evening, in what was described as a successful event, until the shots rang out, long after the fashion show had ended. According to police, a 22-year-old man was sitting on a couch near the club’s bar in the terrace area, when an unknown assailant shot him twice in the abdomen. Police also said that witnesses were not being cooperative. At present time there are no suspects.”

We’re plain sick and tired of our events being plagued with violence. We wish the victim a speedy recovery, and hope they catch the shooter. By the by…This no snitching thing is getting beyond out of pocket. SMH.


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    am i 1st…….



  • Melissa


  • Melissa

    Damn girl!

  • bree

    ..damn it, i thought i was gonna have a record today..i wonder wth happened to warrant the kid to be shot in the tummy 2X’s.. this isn’t what you call snitching though

  • Melissa

    I heard that the dude got banged in his tummy twice! He knew is was comin!

  • beautiful b

    umm. she was @ a fashion show in this outfit?

  • Melissa

    No babe..old and I mean old ass pic!!

  • Trina

    Bangers are tripping and shooting up a club, but you dumb tricks don’t have anything to say other than “FIRST FIRST CHEA CHEA FIRST!” No wonder we’re all in prison, pregnant, or dead.

  • Southern Belle 225

    @beautiful B…I think this is an old pic. Or at least I hope so cause if not, she is SOME wrong!

    This is so sad. Why we can’t never have nothing without somebody clowning? SMH

  • Harlem Chic


  • ms meca

    its always sumin

  • Insatiable_qt

    OH DANG! I thought that was Shar Jackson!

  • Crazy Ass Rodney

    i guess we all crazy

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    Ashanti would look more attractive with her mouth closed

  • Its6amHoGetOut

    Can we all just finally agree that the south is just ignorant now?

  • I'm Just Me

    I hope that the victim is okay. Now once again Ray J will have a story about how he was around when shyt went down. Why is Ray-J everywhere? He is like f*cking Where’s Waldo! 😦








  • Vanessa

    This no snitching policy is just ridiculous…it is what that is destroying the black communities. You have rapist, murderers, and drug dealers getting away with destroying lives b/c they have such a hold over the community.


    Plus, I don’t see how people could not cooperate…THEY SAW A MAN GET BLASTED AND YET THEY ARE GOING TO STAY SILENT. Ridiculous.

  • Dimple Pink

    Let these fools kill each other.


    You noticed how they had to mention it was a hip-hop radio event. That nucca that got shot probably had beef with the shoota. The club didn’t get shot up just the nucca sitting on the couch.

  • Grace

    I live in Atl & 107.9 is a HIP HOP radio station that plays nothing but the worst southern rap that come out of Miami, New Orleans & Atl. You can go in the studio & in one take make a song about booty butt cheeeks, then 1hr later take it over to 107.9(give da D.J one bill) and they will play.

    I am glad I was a few blocks away hanging with grown people at Sugar Hill. John Legend hosted the evening while showcasing his latest act Estelle. They also did 2 duets.

  • Yaya VonDita

    Dammmmn! Why are 107.9 events always getting shot up??? I was at the 107.9 “For Ladies Only” shoot out that happened while Trey Songz was on stage. THEY CLEARLY need to hire their own security and stop counting on club security – especially with the demog they serve. Sorry to say it hood figgaz and hoes… OH and no-one saw anybody running out of the club with a gun at that PACKED event either…

  • da darkness

    this is what we call star wars. a pic with a girls mouth open is kinda exciting that she’ll prob be wanting to….. lmao i won’t say it your nasty mind has said it already

  • ATLYolanderEvette

    When did this happen it must have been a silent gun shoot or I was just to far gone to not even notice it but I had a good time everybody did there thang even Whitney show’d up to support Ray J. Ashanti did not wear that that is a picture from something else

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