Friendly Neighborhood Crip: Vince Staples Thinks Rapping About Gangta Ish Is Boo Boo

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Vince Staples Explains Why He Doesn’t Like Listening To Gangsta Rap

Vince Staples took to Breakfast Club this morning to talk about his new album Big Fish Theory. Everybody on Twitter has been getting on his head about the weird techno beat selection on his newer material, and Charlamagne took one for the team and went straight to the source. Vince Staples started to explain how that sound started in the West coast, and that he’d rather make that music than rapping about gangsta stuff like everybody else.

The Long Beach native says he used to rap about gang banging because he could only rap about his own experiences, but that gets draining. Vince also mentions that he has random people he doesn’t even know texting him telling him he gotta shoot more people in his songs because his new stuff is lame without gang stories. He knows people don’t really live a crazy Crip life everyday and just try to front for the gram, so he’s not f-ing with it anymore.

Check out the interview below to hear him talk about how his homie Travis Scott and his girl Kylie have to go to Redbox because they don’t have an Apple TV:

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