The Juice, Man: Kris Jenner Confirms Whether Or Not She’s Ready To Kick It With O.J. After Parole

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Kris Jenner Talks About O.J. And “Friendship” After Parole

O.J. must really have the juice, like people say.

After being accused of murdering his wife Nicole Brown, her bestie, Kris Jenner says “she’ll see” if  O.J. will be able to re-enter her family circle. Kris went on record about O.J. on The Hollywood Reporter. Kris says her kids used to call O.J. “Uncle” before he infamously went on trial for the murder of Nicole Smith, and we all know how that went…

In the interview, Kris was asked about the O.J. trial and her feelings on him.

Jenner has never explicitly said she thought O.J. was “guilty” in Nicole ‘s 1995 murder, she has said she disagreed with her ex-husband Robert Kardashian, who served as an assistant on O.J.’s legal team. Kris say with Nicole’s family during the verdict. 

“I remember just disbelief, and then thinking, ‘How are we gonna get out of here?’ We were just kind of scared,” she explained.

Simpson is due up for parole in October and when asked about getting up with O.J. after his release, Kris says she can’t call it.

“I don’t have a crystal ball, but we have some very dear friends in common, so we’ll just see how it goes.”

Soooo, that wasn’t a solid “hell nah?” We see you Kris.

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