F The Police: Man Was Jailed For 90 Days Because Cop Thought Drywall Was Cocaine

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Man In Florida Locked Up For 3 Months Because Of Cop’s Mistake

Y’all got Karlos all the way f’d up!

3 months ago in Florida, Karlos Cashe was pulled over in initially because of his headlights being off. He was later was questioned because a police dog allegedly picked up, “the scent of drugs,” after which cops said they discovered a trace of marijuana and “possible cocaine.” A field test reportedly came back positive, and due to being probation from possible previous weed and cocaine charges, Cashe was denied bond.

After being in jail for 90 days, Karlos was released on Tuesday after the Flordia Department of Law Enforcement determined that there were no controlled substances in his vehicle. What the officer initially believed to be cocaine was actually just drywall dust from his job….m’kay.

Cashe told reporters, “I want them to restore what I lost for those 90 days.”

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