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Police Claim Lab Test Proved Black Man’s Actual Dry Wall Was “Cocaine”

Florida police popped a handyman on drug possession charges, only to discover the “drugs” were just dry wall.

According to WSTV, in March, police pulled over Karlos Cashe for driving without headlights. They inspected his car, claiming they found cocaine powder on the floor and seats. The powder was tested by a K-9 unit, coming back positive for cocaine, authorities claimed. Cashe, who was on probation for 2015 marijuana and cocaine charges, was arrested for the alleged drugs but, also violating curfew.

After sitting in a county jail for 90 days without bond, lab results proved that the powder was not cocaine. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement lab report revealed later that no controlled substances were identified, and the charges were dropped. Police claimed they have no idea how the test went wrong, but they’re still standing by the arrest, even though they also admit that the curfew violation was incorrect. SMH, Cashe is asking now for some justice and compensation for the 90 Days of his life he lost, due to police bullsh-t.


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