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Halle Berry Speaks On The Oscars During The 2017 ESSENCE Music Festival

Despite making history at the 2002 Oscars by winning Best Actress for “Monster’s Ball”, Halle Berry is once again emphasizing that a trophy shouldn’t define one’s success.

Recently in Cannes, Halle told Teen Vogue’s Elaine Welteroth that her Oscar win was probably “one of her lowest professional moments”

“Wow, that moment really meant nothing,” said Halle while reflecting on her win.

And Thursday during a screening of her NOLA based film “Kidnap” at the ESSENCE Music Festival, Halle doubled down on her comments. The actress told host Cori Murray that awards should matter less considering that there are people like Diana Ross who’ve been snubbed.

“I do think sometimes we put a little too much attention on the awards,” said Halle. “There’s so many great artists that will never win an award, it doesn’t mean they’re not talented. […] I feel like Diana Ross, should have been—if it wasn’t gonna be Dorothy Dandridge, then it should’ve been Diana Ross. She should’ve been the [first] woman of color [nominated for an Oscar]. If we start counting our success and worth on the amount of awards that we have, then we’re always going to come up short. “


Instead Halle says she’s more interested in making movies that uplift our race because it “feels more important than if we stand on an Oscar stage and win an award.” She added, however, that it’s well overdue for Hollywood to give another black woman an Oscar for Best Actress.

“I am saddened that it’s 15 years and another woman hasn’t stood there alongside of me,” said Halle. “I do hope that changes, that’s not what’s driving me today. I tell every woman of color I meet, don’t focus on the awards, focus on the work.”

Halle Berry’s “Kidnap” tells the story of a mom who goes to harrowing lengths after the unthinkable happens to her son.


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