New Chris Brown and Juelz Santana “Back To The Crib”

- By Bossip Staff

This new song that was just leaked is sort of banging. It has Juelz flowing and Chris singing, Back to The Crib.

Pop the top and take a listen

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  • anonymous one

    on a roll!


    that trumpet gotta go

  • * i am royalty *

    not much of a juelz santana fan but…. i like this

  • Haters Vacation On Bossip

    finally, my son Juelz must have an album comin out….. AyE!

  • http://yahoo Linda G

    Do it Chris I love IT!!!!

  • ..|(*)^(*)|.. Headphone Swag

    DTBD! Daily…

  • Honey Beauty

    Not that Juelz isn’t a good rapper or anything, but he isn’t very relevant….

    I think if Chris’ situation hadn’t happened, he’d be getting the top rappers in the game on his album: Kanye, Jay Z, etc. But that’s just my opinion.

  • http://bossip MY BAAD>> weave makes me hurllll

    chris and drake should do a song.. that would be haute!!!! 😛

  • nee

    This song is not for chris album its on a mix tape.Chris first single his going to have little wayne on it.But I do like this song

  • Nam

    Gwarnnnnnnnnnnn Chris! Love it. Remember Chris’first release was with Juels and that was hot.

  • charlotte

    Nope, dont like it! But love both artists separately

  • Speaking the truth...

    Oh no…please stay away from this camp Chris! Do you community service – stay focus – you can get back on top without this character.

  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!

    I don’t care for this track…but hey that’s just me!

    I am sooo missing good music!

  • http://Bossip Chatter

    I like the song. Chris Brown is on the come up.

  • yessir

    Not surprising since Juelz’s wife recently called the police on him for domestic violence. birds of a feather flock together.

  • bluekid

    Chris Breezy Brown that song is banging, I’m so happy to see you back.

  • bluekid

    @Yessir, you would know you are part of the flock.

  • bluekid

    Kanye is a jack ass, JayZ another woman beater who trying to hide the fact that he is.

    Chris Baby do your thing!

  • shoes

    is it me or the autotune or was chris jus hella young when dey made dis

  • Yoda

    That was nice.

    I tend to underestimate Chris, he sounds good.

    Juelz and Chris, good combination right there.

  • Leonie

    Loooove this. Juelz may not be “top of the list” in publicity, but he does his damn thing.

    And don’t forget that Chris’ big hit, the one that made him get noticed, was a duet with Juelz Santana. =] Don’t sleep on ’em.

  • asds

    2 irrelevant bums. if i never heard this song again, it would be too soon

  • PlannB

    This sounds good, but MAD old!

  • BooRae

    This is ok. It’s catchy, at best… But I’m tired of just catchy songs. I’m n the mood for real, thorough songs. Something that’ll make u rewind the song only half way through it, cuz it’s that damn good!
    The trumpets give it a better feel, laid back kinda.
    In order for CB 2 come back and have the public 4give him, he will need a MAJOR hit. No popcorn, autotune BS, but some ish that’ll make us say, “Damn, that’s Chris!” Then we’ll 4 give him…the masses will anyway. Real politics!

  • bluekid

    Jealousy want get you cats know where, while you guys are pissing in a pot Breezy is pissing in a marble latrine. You cats are bathing in a plastic Lowe’s economy tub, Breezy is bathing in a marble Greek Jacuzzi. Half of you cats working on a 9 to 5, the other half on welfare, social security disability waiting for your crazy check to arrive in the bank, Breezy already has his money in the bank. Haters keep hating menacing white fckers.

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