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Allison Williams Sues For Lost Potential Earnings

Chris Bosh is still battling his baby mama in court. THIS time, it’s because she’s claiming that he cost her millions by blocking her chance at reality TV stardom.

According to The Jasmine Brand, Bosh’s baby mama (mother of his oldest daughter Trinity) Allison Mathis claims that Bosh went behind her back to intervene on her filming during the first season of Basketball Wives back in 2011.

She says that even though she had signed an NDA with Bosh and already had an agreement with Vh1 that she would not directly refer to her relationship with Bosh, reveal his name at any point, or show her daugter on the show — much like her friend and ex-BBW cast member Royce Reed, who has a child with Dwight Howard. However, Chris reached out to production behind her back warning them that he would file suit if he was uncomfortable with anything aired.

Allison claims that production never had any issues with the scenes she shot, but after the alleged calls from Chris she was cut from the show and her scenes never aired. She claims he wrongfully deprived her of the opportunity to provide herself an income and believes she lost out not only on the $191,000 she signed for in her Vh1 contract, but up to $1 million in lost opportunities earnings over the years — additional seasons of the show, appearance fees, book deals, etc.

As a result of her firing, Allison claims she has struggled financially and even had to file bankruptcy to maintain the home she shares with her daughter. She says she’s even had to (gasp) work in clerical and retail positions to make ends meet. The tragedy of it all.

The thing is…we’re SURE she gets a fat child support check from the Boshes every month. The average NBA baby mama manages to keep the bills paid for the child’s housing and schooling and whatever other necessities in that way…so we’re not sure how earning an honest day’s work for the supplemental income she needs is a huge issue. Retail isn’t going to earn her a million or get her industry invites to rub elbows with other ballplayers and reality stars/celebs on the regular…but people work 9-5s every day.

Seems like she thought that her choice in baby daddy entitled her to a level of d-list celeb-hood, and Bosh put a HARD stop to that one.

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