Matrimonial Swirl Confirmed: Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian to Wed This Sunday…WTF???

- By Bossip Staff

Life & Style magazine has confirmed that Lamar Odom is seriously about to wife up Khloe Kardashian this Sunday. The two will wed at a private residence in LA, and the entire family will be there. Khloe was just in NY meeting Lamar’s family last weekend.

We’ll see how long this one will last, but we do congratulate them and wish them the best of luck.


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  • dot dash dot

    She must have that good good. It must be better than her sister who can’t get a man to commit and the knocked up sister who can’t get her baby daddy to make it legal.

    Odum, please say you got a pre-nup!

  • dot dash dot

    Wow, I am first!!!!!

  • Rrrrroe Ski Love- A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

    She got the baller before her sister. Sibling rivalry.

  • jt

    This clown can’t find a good sister in Cali?

  • dot dash dot

    I wonder how much she paid him to marry her before her sister got married. Now reggie is going to really feel the pressure from Kim.

  • tb

    These chicks do anything for attention.

  • anonymous one

    I’m thinking publicity stunt.

  • Kynae33

    Those Dash sisters try thier best to lock and key our brothers. PRE-NUP PLEASE!

  • bo

    Sisters get that brain game right and this could be you… LOL

  • MJ007

    What is so great about these gyals …. and if these guys want to waste their time and lose their money that is their problem!!! A loser is born evey minute!!

  • Ronnie

    WTF is this story foreal??? Is he serious? Just another Dream…

  • http://Bossip Truth

    He is a trick, and he can’t find anyone to marry is funny looking @#$. Also, let’s not forget she is a coke, attention grabbing (*&.

  • fla


  • i said...

    lol@ Ro

  • Kay

    Why are people so upset about these two getting married? The last time I checked Lamar was not a catch at all.

  • I'm Just Me: KEEPING IT REAL SINCE 1983

    Is this real?

    I mean really?

    Haven’t they only been dating a few weeks.

    What is the rush?

    Is she pregnant?


    JT is right… Cali is full of good sistas. Im obligated to get me one because of clowns like him

  • jnic

    You got the pretty sister and the pregnent sister…poor thing needs her time in the spot light too! lol

  • Re

    Lamar was with Taraji before, right?

    I think he wants publicity…like the kind Reggie Bush was getting.



  • http://Bossip Dodirty

    I saw it coming, but not this fast. Damn…These brothers are killing me with this white girl shit. I know she’s not white, she’s not black. They kicked they kicked there game up after there father died.

  • TC

    Most sisters aren’t wife material, although they like to believe they are.

  • I'm Just Me: KEEPING IT REAL SINCE 1983


    Now all my comments are awaiting moderation.

    Love it!

  • CoCoa Gyal

    3.5 weeks? Thats not nearly enough time to get to know someone for marriage, so maybe this is based on a p.r stunt? status? looks maybe? Then again if you’re gonna get with a Kardashian sister, get with one of the pretty ones…
    …just sayin…
    Did Reggie and Kim get back together yet? He should have tried to get with her, they would’ve been a gorgeous couple

  • Alrighty Then... (why do all of the "men" on Bossip argue w/ females?)

    lol… people take marriage way too lightly now days. Anyone with eyes can see that this is doomed. lol…

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