Future Got Absolutely Dragged For His Corny Clapback Of Jay-Z

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Future’s Corny Jay-Z Clapback

Jay-Z had a lot to say about Future on 4:44. The big line came when he said “in the Future other n**** playing football with your son,” which referenced Future’s issues with Russell Wilson, Ciara and Baby Future. But that line didn’t matter as much as Jay’s assault on rapper’s putting stacks of money up to their ears. Which line do you think Future responded to?

Sigh. Whatever floats your boat, dog. The Snap ended up backfiring on the codeine cowboy because Twitter went absolutely wild at him.

Whoooosh. Not a good look, buddy. Take a look at all the other slander. The Future Hive is going to be really upset when they wake up this afternoon.

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