Poor Things: Damon Wayans Jr. Made A Joke About Caucasians On “Independence Day” And Spoiled Casseroles

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White People Are TRIGGERED Over Damon Wayans Jr.’s Joke About Racists On July 4th

Yesterday was the 4th of July and actor Damon Wayans Jr. acknowledged the national holiday for what it actually is…white people being proud of their racists ancestors. He tweeted “Happy white people proud of their racist ancestors day”.

Apparently, this put some caucasians in a funky mood. Many didn’t get the “joke” and sounded off about it in his mentions. The tweet even sparked headlines, but Damon did not give one single fawk about their feelings.


Huff Post says Damon’s joke bombed, but we think it’s a hit! Out of the park.

Some users were so upset, they resorted to calling Damon names and making fun of his career. The comedian just blew a kiss at his taunters.

They’ll be aiiiiight. Do you think he took it too far or are white people just triggered by the truth?


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