Welp! Rob Kardashian Repossesses Blac Chyna’s Whips Post Serial Meltdown

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Rob Kardashian Snatches Back Blac Chyna’s Exotic Cars After Putting Her Ho Antics On Blast

No Ferrari for you! No Lambo for you!

Rob took over the internet yesterday with his wild, (possibly illegal) revenge porn posts aimed at Blac Chyna after he got TIRED of her playing him for a fool. The Kardashian brother claimed that Chyna has been sleeping with him and multiple dudes while turning up with all kinds of drugs around their baby and her son. 

Instagram eventually shut Rob down for posting his obscene receipts, but he just resumed his “F-ck Chyna” party on twitter and snap chat. Rob posted a clip of himself gloating over the whips he claimed to be paying for and that Blac Chyna drove.


Dang, we guess the well is running dry for Chyna after all. How long before you think Rob gives the cars back, or are they really a wrap? There’s more of Chyna and her repossessed whips after the flip.

YuGo ☁️ Jacket | @88finbyblacchyna

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Pulled up in that 488, all fresh at the trap….

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