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NYPD Cop Suspended For Viral Video Of Niece Saying N-Word

It’s always hilarious when mayo packets try to regulate the use of the word “ni**a”, but this case is really no laughing matter.

A NYPD police officer has been suspended without pay and being forced to take a drug test after video surface of her encouraging her 2-year-old niece to say “ni**a” in an years-old viral video according to NYDailyNews.

Officer Delinda Giraldo notified the city that she plans to file a $100 million lawsuit against them. Giraldo tells the DailyNews that the only reason the video was released was because a bitter ex-boyfriend, Michael Martinez, who is also an NYPD cop, was blackmailing her to prevent her from reporting his abusive behavior.

“She’s not denying she’s a part of those videos,” said the lawyer, Eric Sanders, who is black. “The bottom line is, ‘Who cares?’ ”

Giraldo claims that during the 2 years she dated Martinez, he broke her nose, arm and choked her almost lifeless. Of course, Martinez denies it all.

There is no doubt in our minds that every single police officer in the NYPD says “ni**a”. The Black ones, the Dominican ones AND the white ones. So all the moral grandstanding…cut it out.



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