Ancient TV Quiz Show “Jeopardy” Featured A “Stay Woke” Category But, Here’s Why It Fumbled…

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Jeopardy Trolls With “Stay Woke” Category?

Last weekend while Black twitter was serving up some BBQ and pouring out Henny in remembrance of our oppressed ancestors, Jeopardy actually featured a “stay woke” category. Folks got giddy over it.

The term “stay woke” was indeed coined by black folks while roughly meaning: “be aware of the colluded f-ck shit happening right in front of your face, probably because of racism.”

“Stay Woke” actually made it to a nationally televised syndicated show that’s been around since the 60’s? That’s amazing right???


Well, not actually. The category was all about literally staying awake. According to The Grio, answers included melatonin, caffeine, and the stimulant product NoDoz.  SMH.

Do you think Jeopardy was trolling with this? Twitter folks thought so. Take a look…

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