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Britt McHenry Slams Colin Kaepernick Over Anti-July 4 Tweets

Can you believe that white people are STILL mad at Colin Kaepernick for not drinking every drip-drop of red, white and blue kool-aid?

Enter barely-employed blonde Becky, Britt McHenry. The fired ESPN reporter wrote a long azz novel about how she’ll never respect Colin Kaepernick after he posted this Twitter video:

McHenry sounds like one of those flag-waving-America-can-do-no-wrong types. Look at this bulls#!t she wrote in response.

First, let’s list the litany of offensive statements and/or remarks he’s made about law enforcement officers. There were the socks with pigs in police garb. There was the tweet comparing police officers to a modern day slave patrol.

Most recently, on the Fourth of July, there was a tweet asking how Americans could “truly celebrate independence on a day that intentionally robbed our ancestors of theirs?”

I’ll tell you how, Colin. Americans can celebrate the official birth of this nation because despite all its flaws, for one day, there’s a reminder of unity no matter how many efforts you make to dismantle it.

THAT is some delusional mayonnaise right there, ladies and gents.

My admiration will always go towards the men and women who have walked away from their loved ones, through fields of IEDs, and into the dangerous unknown.

It will never go to the athlete who takes a knee after losing his starting job.

She’s so salty. It’s awesome.



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