Elsewhere In The World: Raped Salvadoran Teen Sentenced To 30 Years For Pushing Out Stillborn

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Raped Central American Teen Sentenced  30 Years In Prison Over Still Birth

According to The Guardian reports, A 19-year-old from El Salvador has been sentenced to 30 years in jail for the stillbirth of her rapist’s child. How, Sway??

Reports says the teen girl, Evelyn Beatriz Hernandez Cruz, was convicted on the grounds that failing to seek prenatal care amounted to murder. The teen says she didn’t know she was pregnant until she gave birth in a toilet last year, after falling ill with acute back and stomach pain.

She had been repeatedly raped by a gang member over several months as part of a forced sexual relationship according to reports. But, east El Salvadorian courts still found her guilty of ‘murdering’ her baby by not providing the proper prenatal care.

Evelyn’s story is causing outrage, prompting women to protest for her freedom.

“Evelyn, you are not the only defender, we are still fighting for your freedom.”



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