Decorative Box: Passion Dust Intimacy Capsules Turn Your Boring Cooch Cute And Glittery

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So, ladies, in case you hadn’t heard, your vagina can be transformed into a magical oasis of glitter and glory with just one pill.

According to NYPost, the Passion Dust Intimacy Capsules are purported to be the key to a festive puddycat. If inserted into the vagina about an hour before sex, the pill will dissolve and unleash a “sparkling candy-flavored passion dust”.

Fellas, you down to have sparkling love dust on your dong?

Apparently this thing is blowing up because it’s creator is making them out of her house in Houston and she’s gotten over half a million hits to her webpage over the last couple of days.

Peep how she came up with this:

“I saw a T-shirt that said, ‘I sweat glitter,’ and . . . I thought, I want to sweat glitter, too. What would be a safe way to glitter from the inside?”

That’s when the idea for Passion pills hit.

“I mixed up a batch [of Passion Dust], placed it inside myself and forgot about it — until the next day, when I used the bathroom. I looked down and saw the sparkling everywhere.”

Ladies, for $7 you can add pizzazz to that pu**y. Hate it or love it?

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