Migos Gets Told To Go “Dat Way” Off Delta Flight, Claims Racial Profiling

- By Bossip Staff

Migos Kicked Off Delta Flight

Does it look like Migos got left off their flight from ATL to Iowa?

It should. Because they definitely did. We all know how these airlines get down, after all…

TMZ reports that Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff got booted from their flight. Now, the reason why is where Migos’ management and Delta staff seem to differ. Here’s the aftermath:

Migos’ people claim that the three amigos were all in first class, tired as hell from being trap stars all day, and instantly fell asleep once they boarded. Apparently, Takeoff’s backpack was on the floor in front of him instead of in the overhead compartment — which is against the rules (we’re assuming they were in row 1, without the under-seat storage). The flight attendant told him to put it up. However, since he was asleep at the time, he didn’t hear her instruction and thus didn’t comply.

However, Delta claims that neither Takeoff, nor Offset, nor Quavo managed to be cooperative. They claim that not only was the backpack in the wrong place, but they didn’t buckle their seatbelts in a timely enough fashion.

As a result, the flight crew decided to return the flight to the gate and kick Migos off. They were placed on another flight, on which we assume they made sure to buckle up the minute they sat down.

The group’s manager says it was a clear case of racial profiling. After hearing and seeing what went down…what do you think? Do you think the flight crew was just being extra — as they are often known to do — or did Migos get into full YRN mode and act above the jetway laws?


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