All Eyez On Fees: Tupac’s Former Bodyguard Is Auctioning Off His Old Duke Jersey

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Tupac’s Old Duke Jersey Is Now Being Auctioned Off

Frank Alexander, former bodyguard and friend of the legendary Tupac, is now auctioning off one of Pac’s old prized possessions. We’ve all seen the iconic picture of Shakur in that V-neck #5 Duke jersey, and now his fans have the chance to purchase exactly that….well, not really. Technically, it’s another Duke jersey that Pac supposedly wore “during his downtime at home,” while he would write poetry and think about how to achieve world peace.

There aren’t any pictures of Tupac in this other Duke jersey–even the picture provided by Alexander is of the jersey the public is known to see him in–but it comes with a letter of authenticity. The letter proclaims that Shakur gave his friend and bodyguard a bunch of stuff before he died, and a lot of autographed memorabilia that was intended to be saved for fans also fell in his possession.

As of now, there’s no bids on the jersey, though the minimum is $300 for anyone who’d like to take a whack at it. This auction comes at a very convenient time considering the recent release of Pac’s biopic All Eyez On Me, possibly making Tupac memorabilia more sought after than usual. Frank Alexander also claims to have other items from the rapper including bulletproof vests, jewelry, clothing, and other personal effects. Keep an eye out on the market for the Duke jersey currently being auctioned, and possibly Pac’s other possessions whenever his former bodyguard is short on cash.


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