Florida Crazies: Lunatic Delta Passenger Hit With Multiple Wine Bottles For Trying To Open Emergency Exit

- By Bossip Staff

Image via Pinellas Co. Sheriff

Delta Crew Hits Man With Wine Bottles For Trying To Open Emergency Exit

Airplane passengers are getting crazier and crazier and it’s starting to feel like taking the bus or driving is a hell of a lot safer these days.

A NYDailyNews report details a Delta flight from Seattle to Beijing that was forced to land after an unruly passenger attempted to open the emergency exit door in mid-air!

Before you ask yourself, “why would anyone do that?”, allow us to explain. Joseph Daniel Hudek hails from Tampa, Florida. Enough said.

Crazy Jo’ did not show signs of intoxication according to the criminal complaint, however, he attacked flight attendants and passengers while making several attempts to open the hatch. Things got so violent at one point that one of the flight staff had to hit him over the head with TWO wine bottles to put him down.

Peep the aftermath of the struggle!

Once the plane landed, Joseph was arrested and charged with interference with flight crew members. The fine for such a crime is $250,000 and up to 20 years in prison if he is convicted.

Sounds like Joey needs every second of that 20-year sentence.

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