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Someone Ruined The Prodigy Mural Less Than 24 Hours After It’s Completion

News of Mobb Deep rapper Prodigy’s untimely passing seemed to hit everybody extremely hard. The social media love and instagram tributes are still flowing even weeks later, but many thought he deserved a more lasting stamp on the city he grew to rep with his partner Havoc.  Two artists, Jeff Henriquez and Eli Lazare worked hard on a beautiful mural of Prodigy that was painted on the Urban Upbound building on 13th Street and 40th Avenue in Queens.

The artists and fans who were lucky enough to stumble upon the mural proudly snapped pictures of it, happy that one of their idols was getting the tribute they deserve. This celebration didn’t last long, less than 24 hours to be exact–before somebody decided to deface the mural the artists worked on for days prior, throwing white paint all over the portrait.

Cormega, a good friend of the late rapper, was one of the first to break the unfortunate news on his Instagram with a picture of the defaced mural:

It’s saddening to see someone who was obviously so beloved by hip hop and many others to be disrespected in such a way. Fans were tweeting about their rage regarding the incident, with everyone in agreement that whoever defaced P’s tribute is getting hands thrown from every Queens, NY resident. Fortunately, no more than 7 hours later, Cormega posted a follow-up photo showing that the community has already gone to work to bring the portrait back to life for Prodigy.

Hopefully once the mural is back up and paying a proper tribute to the late Mobb Deep rapper, nobody will deface it this time. This painting will definitely serve as a community staple for the people who reside in Queens, and will undoubtedly draw in some tourists for a photo opp.


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