Black Learning Matters: Study Shows 1 In 4 African-American Students In Chicago Attends “Failing” School

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1 In 4 Black Chicago Public School Students Attends Failing Institution

At this point we are all well-aware of the issues that have plagued the city of Chicago over the past 20 years, but a new study published in the Chicago Sun-Times highlights just how bad things are for the youth in the Windy.

New Schools for Chicago conducted the study that shows that 25% (1 in 4) of Black kids who attend a Chicago public school is receiving a “failing” education.

“At end of day, there’s still a lot of kids not getting the education they deserve,” executive director Daniel Anello said. “What was alarming to me was just the ratios. The one in four to me is troublesome, as an African-American male.”

While it is noted that there has been marked improvement in the city’s 62 community schools since 2011, the research still shows that 50,000 of the 381,350 students are in a very bad spot with their education.

Sadly, but unsurprisingly, a majority of of these inadequate schools are on the South and West side of the city where low-income Black households are located.

“It is not fair to simply compare race and SQRP stats [School Quality Rating Policy] and then question why some schools ‘fail,’ ” CTU researcher Sarah Rothschild said. “A strong team can handle the immense adverse socio-economic issues that students in struggling communities face, especially when they know the students and their families well.”

We hope the city can get their s#!t together and come up with a solution.

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