People Ain’t Isht: NY Scammer Fakes Kidnapping To Extort Money From His Widow Mother

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NY Man Fakes A Kidnapping To Extort Ransom Money From Mother

There’s a VIP section in Hell for this guy…

A DailyMail report details the arrest of 31-year-old Michael Sorbera who faked his own kidnapping in order to get ransom money from his 62-year-old mother.

Sorbera sent his mother a text message on Friday stating that he was in a bad spot. Later that day, his mother got a call from another man demanding ransom money and threatening to hurt Michael if he didn’t get it. Sobrera spoke to his mother during this call and begged her to save his life.

Here’s where the phrase “momma knows best” comes into play, Michael’s scared mother called the cops instead of just sending the gwap. When police arrived at Michael’s apartment, you know what they found?

Michael. Sitting there. Safe and sound.

This POS was promptly arrested and charged with second-degree grand larceny and fourth-degree conspiracy.

What a moron. Smh.

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