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Tommie Addresses “Stealing” Karlie Redd’s Exes?

It seems like Tommie from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta would like to clarify her actions towards Karlie Redd during the 1st part of the reunion.

Yesterday, we posted a clip of Karlie putting Tommie on blast for being over her ex’s, Ceaser’s house. Karlie said Tommie was over there preparing to get her cakes pounded by Cease before she showed up. Tommie laughed in Karlie’s face smiling about it, “let me call Cease right now, we going to Puerto Rico.”

Now, Tommie has posted an indirect IG video that seems to address the situation vaguely. In her words, Tommie says she would never use her body to get back at another woman. That’s corny. She does say, however, she would let them think what they wanna think. Take a look.

I’ll never sell out for any female or male ever! I wasn’t raised like that.yes I’m ah taker not a whore!I have No whore tendencies and I value myself deeply I was raised by crooks not whores to each is own but if you’re #teamtommie I do not approve of this that’s the easy route…

Welp. Maybe Tommie was feeling the pressure from the comments after people saw what she had to say to Karlie over the whole mess? She never denies smashing Cease, so there’s that.



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