Take His Azz To Red Lobster: Mike Will Made-It Tells The Story Of Making “Formation” With Beyoncé

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Mike Will Made-It Details Getting “Formation” To Beyoncé

One of the biggest songs of 2016 was undoubtedly Beyoncé’s Black girl magic anthem “Formation,” which she later performed at The Superbowl. Every person in the music industry dreams of the day they get to work with the Queen (unless they’re DUMBO) and Mike Will Made-It finally got to with this track. He tells the story of how the song came together in the video below:

It’s a pretty dope story. Beyoncé tells Mike Will that she wants some beats, and like any sensible man he gets right to work. Energetic young boys Rae Sremmurd are singing, rapping, and ad-libbing in the car when Swae Lee blurts out, “now let’s get in formation,” which causes Mr. Made-It’s wheels to start turning. Once they get to the studio, both Sremmurds get to work and freestyle a version pretty close to the “Formation” we know and love today.

After he sent some songs to her, they met again. This time at a party in Lebron James’ hotel room following a Cavs game, where ‘Yoncé told Mike Will she loved the formation joint. After that, they hit the studio and Mrs. Knowles-Carter added her graceful touch and angelic voice to the track.

Fun fact, the iconic line about Red Lobster was formerly, “If she f— me good, I’ll take her ass to Margiela,” but Bey brought her own flare to it. Probably because she knows the value of a good cheesy biscuit.

God bless Beyonce, Mike Will Made-It, Rae Sremmurd, Lebron James, and the trifling Jay-Z for the making of this song. Amen.

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