BOSSIP On WE tv Cast Blog #3: Witches, Fresh Boxes And Baby Legs… Oh My

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ISSA Wrap on Episode 2! #bossiponwe

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Before I even get into my recap of the taping of episode 2, I want to take a minute to say how grateful I am to all the folks who watched the premiere, the people who tweeted us, posted on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, called me, sent a text or stopped me while out and about to say they enjoyed the show. BOSSIP on WE tv is the result of lots of long hard hours put in by a TEAM of folks and I personally feel a tremendous debt of gratitude to the crew who help put it together and the viewers at home who appreciate the work we’ve all done. Also, shout out to the person on Twitter who asked about our skin regimens (you are sweeeet!). I’m happy to refer you to my facialist if you’re in Atlanta.

We just wrapped the second official episode of BOSSIP on WE tv and I think I may be even MORE excited to see the finished product this time around than I was for the first episode. With the premiere behind us, I think we were a little less nervous this week, but we’re all aware that we still have plenty of work to do before we’re seasoned pros, so we definitely went into today’s taping ready to bring our A games. While I’m far too humble to sing my own praises I have no problem saying the rest of the cast did an amazing job!

First things first, I have to give a HUGE shoutout to this week’s celebrity guest Yung Joc. No pun intended there for the folks whose minds work in the same sick manner as us, but your boy was off the damn chain from the moment he walked on set. He answered almost every question we had for him and boy did we have some good ones. Joc talked about maintaining his new hairdo, a high school paternity scare, a step-by-step guide to smell testing a woman and revealed why he doesn’t mind tasting toes. BUT the highlight had to be when Joc offered to show the ladies of the cast his famous “baby leg.” I still haven’t seen it but judging from his history on “Love and Hip-Hop ATL” I can imagine he’s not exaggerating.

One of the reasons I’m so excited to see the final cut is because a bunch of the stories we touched on this week definitely border on bizarre. Take for example Hazel E asking Miles to sniff her cooter on Instagram… I’m crossing my fingers that one makes the cut because between Alex’s commentary, Maura’s suggestions that she try cranberry juice or apple cider vinegar and Tyler’s very candid crack at impersonating Miles, I almost died laughing. Literally. My signature “Janeé-laugh” was on 10 for that one.

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As you may or may not have noticed in the premiere episode, I typically don’t crack as many jokes as the rest of the cast. As the Managing Editor, my job is definitely making sure everyone has their pitches in order and that the stories are up to par for the BOSSIP audience — just like on the website — so for the most part, I’m responsible for opening the meeting, handling transitions and delivering BOSSIP exclusives. Which brings me to MY biggest challenge today – trying to describe an update in a lawsuit involving Katt Williams and witchcraft. This has to be one of the STRANGEST stories we’ve ever told — on the site or the show, but the jokes about pimp sorcery were truly priceless. Anyway, if it doesn’t make the cut, y’all gotta demand WE release the footage because it’s definitely a doozy.

At this point it’s getting late, I’m rambling and after a long day on set I’m ready to GO but seriously, I’m so grateful to be part of something so uniquely funny and amazing and proud to call the cast and crew of BOSSIP on WE tv FAMILY. Alex, Dani, Jah, Maura, Marve, Ronnie, Tyler, Allison, Joe, Azure, Christine, Jai, Rob, Sheonna, Tracye, Marvl, Tommy, Sam, Thaddeus, Monty… Oh and shout out to the editors. Y’all are the real MVP’s!!!

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